The New Victorian Cabinet

The new ministry for Victoria was sworn in today, including The Hon. Sonja Kilkenny, the new Minister for Planning.

As expressed within the Premiers' announcement New Cabinet to Keep Doing what Matters 'Sonya Kilkenny will become Minister for Planning, as well as keeping her responsibilities for fishing, boating and the other activities that boost local economies and keep families active as Minister for Outdoor Recreation'.

By way of background, Sonja's bio reads:

'Before entering Parliament, Sonya was a lawyer in commercial litigation and banking and finance. She also worked for the Kimberley Land Council in Broome and was on the Board of The National Theatre and Back to Back Theatre.

Sonya believes that Victorians have much to be proud of, and an extraordinary opportunity to cement our state as a world leader in many areas. This is what prompted her to run for Parliament.

The priorities Sonya has for her community are to ensure equal and fair access to services close to home. She wants her community to be proud of the local area, and work together to create a vibrant, engaging, inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.

Sonya’s vision for Victoria’s future is that it is an outstanding place to live and work. She wants to see an inclusive state with a strong emphasis on technological innovation, local manufacturing, educational pathways, and a continuing commitment to equality.

The areas of public policy that she is most passionate about are all about creating jobs for the future. This includes education and training, transitioning our energy sector to renewables, and unlocking opportunities for women in the workforce'.

We welcome Sonja into the role and look forward to prompt and positive planning outcomes from her and her team at DELWP.