Victoria’s Draft Infrastructure Strategy copy

Victoria’s draft 30 year Infrastructure Strategy, prepared by Infrastructure Victoria, identifies the top infrastructure priorities for Victoria’s nine regions, to be refreshed every 3-5 years, following community consultation which closed on 26 February 2021.

The strategy refreshes the 2016 strategy and many of its recommendations have since been adopted by the Victorian Government. It also builds on 2019’s Growing Victoria’s Potential and Density Done Well community consultation.

The strategy identify the following priorities:

  • Confront long-term challenges
  • Manage urban change
  • Harness infrastructure for productivity and growth
  • Develop Regional Victoria

The strategy responds to challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic (including its halt in population growth from immigration), climate change, demographic shifts, technological disruptions and emergencies such as bushfires. Recommendations are included to continue managing the pandemic and assisting Victoria’s economic recovery.

Town Planning and Co applauds Infrastructure Victoria’s swift and agile response to the pandemic, incorporating solutions to its unique challenges into a well rounded document.

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